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What’s That Clicking Sound in My Jaw? Is it Bad?

Whether you’ve had the click for years or it just recently started up, it’s normal to be concerned about a noisy jaw. We’ve got plenty of jaw experts here at Preston Sherry Dental Associates.

What’s “Normal” Clicking?

It’s actually quite common for your jaw to make a noise if you extend it really far, say, when you yawn. That sound is the lower part of your jaw temporarily popping a little farther over the upper portion than it usually does. As long as you don’t stretch your jaw like this too often, it shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

Bad Jaw Noise

If your jaw routinely clicks or pops during normal activities like eating or talking, then it could be a sign of TMD – temporomandibular (joint) disorder. What exactly causes this problem is hard to diagnose. But it’s essentially trouble with TMJ ligaments or the cartilage disc that cushions the joint. Any pain associated with normal jaw function is a sure sign that something’s wrong.

TMJ Treatment In Dallas

If you’ve had a clicking jaw for years, it might not be anything you should worry about. The important thing to look out for is any sudden change. If the click just recently turned up or suddenly gets painful, then it may be time to see a professional about it.

For all of your TMJ questions and concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our all-star team here at Preston Sherry Dental Associates. We’ll help you decode your symptoms and find a solution that brings you relief. Call us today to plan your visit.