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Crowns vs. Veneers: The Best Choice for Your Teeth

You know your tooth needs some attention, but as you research the cosmetic treatment options available, you get stuck on two choices: crowns or veneers. Both offer great cosmetic benefits, but which one do you really need?

Here’s what you should know:

Crowns Serve a Functional Purpose

Crowns are a step-up from fillings when it comes to treating a tooth with decay, fractures, or one that just had a root canal. The full size restoration covers your tooth up to the gums, protecting it from further wear or damage.

At the same time, crowns are designed of porcelain materials so that they can match the other teeth in your smile. This allows us to enhance the appearance of your specific tooth, while also restore it back to its normal function. In most cases, a crown will only be placed on single, “damaged” teeth.

Veneers Correct Minor Flaws, but Not Seriously Damaged Teeth

A veneer can be used on a tooth with minor chips or cracks, but anything past that may require more extensive treatment. In most cases, a veneer serves the purpose of correcting aesthetic flaws – such as misshaped teeth, stains, or surface irregularities – in order to change the overall cosmetic appearance of your smile.

Veneers are often recommended with several teeth being treated at one time. Placed side-by-side, multiple veneers can make a very dramatic aesthetic impact. They are not, however, routinely used to repair unhealthy teeth.

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