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Park Cities Cosmetic Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth, it can affect everything from your appearance to the food that you’re able to eat. At Preston Sherry Dental, we incorporate high grade ceramics and porcelain to design customized bridges that fill in the gaps caused by tooth loss.

Not only will replacing your missing tooth help you to restore lost self-confidence, it helps preserve the natural spacing of your smile. You see, when a tooth is missing, the ones around it can start to move and drift out of place. That means it’s not just a missing tooth you’re having to deal with, but a crooked or misaligned smile as well. Fortunately, our Park Cities cosmetic dentists can help.

Aesthetic Tooth Replacement in Park Cities

Your new dental bridge will be designed from individually matched ceramic materials that are shaped to blend in and look like your natural teeth. We want your final restoration to look like it’s always been there. From the precise shape and size of the restoration to the colors and hues of the porcelain that we use, there’s not a detail that goes overlooked!

Yes, We Offer Implant Supported Bridges

Don’t like the idea of wearing a removable partial denture? Our cosmetic bridges can also be set onto dental implants! Your new smile will be stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Contact us for a same day consultation and smile makeover evaluation. Our Highland Park cosmetic dentists are happy to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to ask about our flexible financing opportunities.

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