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Minimally Invasive White Fillings

Our composite dental fillings are made to match the tooth around them, so that your new restoration blends in with your smile. Plus, they’re less invasive to your teeth than traditional metal fillings.

A Filling No One Needs to See

If you’ve had silver restorations in the past, you know how the dark grey color can show up when you’re smiling or posing in a photograph, especially if the metal has started to “leak” into the tooth around it. Our cosmetic fillings eliminate that problem, because we’re able to select the exact shade and color of the material being used to repair your tooth.

You can get a filling anywhere in your smile, but only your Park Cities cosmetic dentist will know that it’s there!

Do I Have a Cavity?

You may need to have a filling if you’re exhibiting symptoms such as:

  • Sensitivity to sweet beverages or foods
  • Pain when you’re biting and chewing
  • Food or floss catching between your teeth

Not all cavities cause pain or sensitivity; that’s why it’s so important to catch them early. During your exam, our Park Cities cosmetic dentists will take a set of digital X-rays to see between and inside of your teeth, where cavities tend to start. This early screening allows us to intercept decay when it’s smaller and easier to treat.

If decay is just beginning to cause enamel demineralization, we may even be able to reverse the caries process before you need a filling.

Silver Filling Replacement in Park Cities

Enhance the brightness and vitality of your smile by having your outdated amalgam fillings replaced with ceramic ones. We also offer porcelain crowns!

Thinking of replacing your old restorations with white fillings? Have a toothache? Call Preston Sherry Dental near Highland Park for a same day appointment.

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