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Could Drinking Bottled Water Lead to More Cavities?

Water is essential to just about every bodily function. This is especially true when it comes to your smile. Teeth need plenty of saliva to stay clean and strong and oral tissues function comfortably when well hydrated.

So how could drinking lots of water be bad for your teeth?

It’s not so much about your teeth being exposed to anything bad as it is about them being deprived of something good.

What Your Bottled Water Is Probably Missing

Most bottled water is so filtered and treated that it’s lacking in naturally-occurring minerals that can benefit your body. Fluoride is one such example.

As one ADA article explains, many American households have swapped out their primary water sources with bottled water. Folks often do this fearing exposure to pollutants in the environment.

In doggedly avoiding natural water, people could be depriving their family’s teeth of the enamel-strengthening element, fluoride.

Bottled Water: The Lesser of Two Evils

To be clear, bottled water does not cause cavities. Soda, juice, and sports drinks are far more likely culprits. If you’re going to choose a beverage while out and about, a bottle of water is definitely the way to go! But if you aren’t getting enough fluoride at home, then you need another safe avenue.

Do you live in the Dallas, TX area? How are the fluoridation levels of your community? Your child’s school? If you could use a hand in figuring that out, give Preston Sherry Dental Associates a call. We’ll be happy to suggest ways for you to get plenty of fluoride in your diet and oral hygiene routine.