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4 Naughty Dental Habits Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of

It’s time to address that awkward habit you have. You know, that secret you won’t share with anyone.

So here are the top four dental habits Dallas folks struggle with. Admit it, you’re guilty of at least one!

1. Nail-biting.

If it’s not nails, it’s hangnails, chapped lips, cheeks, tongue, pens – whatever!

Compulsive nibbling is, unfortunately, a very common habit. But it’s one you’d do well to kick. Munching on stuff outside your mouth is an easy way to ingest filthy germs. Chomping on part of your mouth could cause chronic damage leading to callouses and potentially cancer.

2. Clenching teeth.

People don’t want to admit they grind or clench their teeth since it’s often a sign of restrained anger or extreme stress. Who likes to be known as a hothead or basket case?

Your teeth-grinding habit (if it exists) might actually happen in your sleep. You’ll have to ask a dentist to check for signs that your teeth are suffering from clenching.

3. Mouthwash in place of brushing.

Yeah, a ten-second swish is not going to cut it. The dragon breath will be back right along with the plaque you refused to brush away.

4. Lying about flossing.

Telling the hygienist you do floss (honest!) just to get off the hook is completely beside the point. Flossing is a favor you do for yourself, for your health, not for anyone else.

By the way, we CAN tell. Just give it up. There’s no point in lying.

Need help getting rid of a compulsive dental habit?

You don’t need to go to a special rehab – a dental visit will suffice. Schedule a consultation ASAP with Preston Sherry Dental Associates.