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What Happens at a Dental Cleaning

Your six-month dental visit is more important than you may realize. There’s a lot that needs to happen besides the cleaning itself…especially because you can’t clean your teeth the way you’d take your car through the wash.

Dental Health – it’s More Than Just Teeth

Each cleaning appointment usually begins with a review of your medical and dental health history. This way, your hygienist will get an idea of what health issues you may be dealing with. Your overall wellness is closely connected with that of your mouth. Before the cleaning, your dental team needs to know about any changes.

Your appointment will likely also include some valuable one-on-one education. Dental hygienists are trained to instruct their patients in effective techniques for preventing dental disease. Listen carefully at your cleaning visits!

Professional Dental Cleanings at Preston Sherry Dental Associates

After a brief but thorough health review, the hygienist will inspect and clean your teeth. Next, Dr. Beckmann or Dr. Ramage will examine your smile using recent x-rays to look for any spots of potential trouble.

If you need treatment, we’ll discuss your options and make plans before you leave the office. Finally, your hygienist will review with you any instructions for taking care of your teeth and warding off more problems.

A Clean and Healthy Smile for Life

Dallas residents deserve only the best when it comes to oral health. That’s why our team believes in delivering not only quality restorative care, but quality preventative care. We do this by offering regular dental cleanings to help you stay on top of your health.

Call our practice today to schedule your examination and cleaning.