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Tooth Extractions

No one wants to consider losing a tooth or needing a tooth extraction, yet it is often the best option when it cannot be saved with general dentistry. A tooth severely broken from trauma or a deep infection may require a tooth extraction. Before any extraction is recommended we will always take the more conservative approach to saving the tooth if possible but, sometimes an extraction is the only option. When you need a caring, compassionate dental team for a tooth extraction, call Preston Sherry Dental Associates.

Tooth extractions are rarely as horrible as they sound. Most tooth extractions take only a few minutes to perform. It usually takes more time for the anesthesia to take hold than the actual extraction. However, molars with three or four roots can be more difficult to remove than the front teeth which have only one root. When you need a tooth extraction, you want a dental office that is experienced in this procedure and will be able to avoid any complications.

At Preston Sherry Dental Associates, we offer a relaxed, comfortable environment for our patients who need a tooth extraction. If the thought of a tooth extraction makes you nervous, we can help. Before your appointment, you can discuss sedation options with one of our dentists. We offer nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation for patients that prefer a higher level of relaxation during their tooth extraction procedure.

There is no reason that a tooth extraction needs to be a stressful experience. Whether you have a broken tooth that cannot be saved or you have wisdom teeth that could cause issues if allowed to remain, let our expert dental team resolve the issue. Contact Preston Sherry Dental Associates today to schedule an appointment to discuss your tooth extraction. Our dentists will take the time to listen to all your concerns and go over all the treatment options available for a pain-free, comfortable experience.

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