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Is Your Teen Ready for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Today’s teens realize that they can make major changes to their physical appearance if they aren’t satisfied. This may include making improvements to their smiles.

Has your teenage son or daughter expressed an interest in cosmetic dentistry?

Here’s what you should know before letting them go ahead with treatment.

There Are Benefits To Cosmetic Dentistry

Your teen’s teeth would have to be in good shape before they can have a cosmetic procedure. This means they’ll have to stop resisting the need for dental cleanings if they want to get their teeth whitened!

Additionally, some cosmetic procedures (like crowns and teeth straightening) have inherent structural benefit for the smile.

Lastly, cosmetic dentistry could be the encouragement your son or daughter needs to improve their oral hygiene.

Healthy Teeth Are Beautiful Teeth

Encourage your child to work on having a healthy smile first and foremost. Don’t unduly pressure them into getting cosmetic treatment if they don’t want it. Help them to appreciate the way clean teeth contribute to their overall appearance.

Start Small

If your teen is curious about improving the look of their smile, encourage them to do so in small ways starting out. An over-the-counter whitening rinse or toothpaste is a good way to start.

Some cosmetic procedures can permanently alter teeth so it’s important that your child’s smile is physically mature enough to handle such changes. Your son or daughter also needs to be responsible enough to take care of a newly enhanced smile.

Would you like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry for teens? Talk with the team at Preston Sherry Dental Associates.