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How Do You Know You Need A Root Canal?

Dallas TX Dentist

When you returned to work after the holidays, you started noticing pain in your teeth. It’s not all the time, and you want to ignore it, but you know that a small sensation in your mouth can be the beginnings of something big and awful: an abscess. Before you jump the gun and immediately assume […]

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Get A Whiter Smile For Christmas!

Dallas TX Family Dentist

Parties and pictures, time with your family. There are so many events this this time of year to show off your brilliant smile. But what if your smile isn’t that “brilliant?” If you can’t get in for a whitening treatment before the holidays, try a safe DIY hack. An Old Standby: Mix 2 parts hydrogen […]

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How to Brush Baby Teeth

baby brushing teeth

According to the recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA), babies need to have their teeth brushed as soon as they erupt. How do you do that? Newborn to First Tooth Make it a practice from day one to clean your infant’s mouth with a soft cloth. A clean washcloth dampened with warm water is […]

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The Top 5 Signs of Gum Disease

Dallas TX General Dentist

Gum disease (periodontitis) is more common and dangerous than people realize. Untreated, periodontitis leads to tooth-loss and other health complications. Most sufferers don’t even know they have it. Are you at risk? The following five signs could indicate whether or not you are. 1. Swollen and Bleeding Gums Periodontitis is when the gums, ligaments, and […]

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4 Naughty Dental Habits Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of

man with bad breath

It’s time to address that awkward habit you have. You know, that secret you won’t share with anyone. So here are the top four dental habits Dallas folks struggle with. Admit it, you’re guilty of at least one! 1. Nail-biting. If it’s not nails, it’s hangnails, chapped lips, cheeks, tongue, pens – whatever! Compulsive nibbling […]

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Checklist for Getting Your Kids’ Smiles Ready to Go Back to School

family photo

We’re just barely into August, but it’s already time to start making plans for the next school year. If you get all the planning done now, your family will be free to enjoy the rest of summer with peace of mind! Once you dive into all the back-to-school shopping, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You […]

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Could Drinking Bottled Water Lead to More Cavities?

doctor with patient looking at an x-ray

Water is essential to just about every bodily function. This is especially true when it comes to your smile. Teeth need plenty of saliva to stay clean and strong and oral tissues function comfortably when well hydrated. So how could drinking lots of water be bad for your teeth? It’s not so much about your […]

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Gum Disease – Are You a Victim?

patient with doctor

Roughly 8 in 10 American adults has some first-hand experience with gum disease. But most of them don’t know that. What is gum disease? Medically-referred to as periodontal disease or periodontitis, it’s a condition in which gum tissue becomes infected and inflamed. If left untreated, it can progress to the point of breaking down the […]

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Crowns vs. Veneers: The Best Choice for Your Teeth

smiling woman

You know your tooth needs some attention, but as you research the cosmetic treatment options available, you get stuck on two choices: crowns or veneers. Both offer great cosmetic benefits, but which one do you really need? Here’s what you should know: Crowns Serve a Functional Purpose Crowns are a step-up from fillings when it […]

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What’s That Clicking Sound in My Jaw? Is it Bad?

doctor with patient

Whether you’ve had the click for years or it just recently started up, it’s normal to be concerned about a noisy jaw. We’ve got plenty of jaw experts here at Preston Sherry Dental Associates. What’s “Normal” Clicking? It’s actually quite common for your jaw to make a noise if you extend it really far, say, […]

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