White and bright is what everyone wants for their smile. Yet, everything in life seems to slowly dull and discolor your teeth. The foods and drinks you enjoy, and even time itself, all can fade your white smile. Teeth whitening can bring back those pearly whites and make your smile look stunning again. As part of our cosmetic dentistry treatments at Preston Sherry Dental Associates, we offer professional teeth whitening that can safely and effectively brighten your smile.

A gleaming white smile is associated with beauty, health and youth. However, it is not just vices like coffee, wine and tobacco that stain your teeth. Even items like berries, spices and tea can leave discoloration on your teeth. To fight the ongoing battle of a dulling smile as you age, teeth whitening or bleaching is available to keep your smile looking its best.

Professional Teeth Bleaching

There are many products you can find to whiten your teeth at home, yet many of them are not as safe or effective as you may think. When you bleach a tooth's enamel, you must be careful not to harm its integrity. With professional teeth whitening, you are under the supervision of a dental professional that can ensure you get the results you want while protecting the health of your smile, often in a fraction of the time over-the-counter products require.

Have you tried the paper test? Put a white piece of paper next to your teeth and see the difference. If your smile is lacking in luster, our dental experts can help. We offer Power Bleaching in our office for a white smile in approximately two hours. For those who prefer to whiten at home, we also have professional whitening kits that you can do yourself. Contact Preston Sherry Dental Associates today to learn more about brightening your beautiful smile.

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