Pain when chewing and sensitivity to hot or cold are all signs of a cracked tooth. Although the enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body, even it can be damaged. Through decay, trauma and other issues, cracks can form on a tooth and put it at risk. At the first sign of a cracked tooth, call the expert team at Preston Sherry Dental Associates for a cracked tooth repair.

Most cracked teeth will have symptoms of damage such as pain or sensitivity. Yet in some cases, the symptoms can be intermittent or not occur at all. Even if a cracked tooth is not painful, it needs immediate medical attention with general dentistry treatments. The crack in the exterior of the tooth can put it at risk for further infection, and the crack can become worse. If the crack extends below the gum line, it can lead to the need for extraction.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

The procedure to repair a cracked tooth will depend on the extent of the crack, where it is located and other factors. In some cases, a simple bonding or filling can fix a small crack on a tooth. If the crack is more severe, it may need additional protection. A crown may be needed to restore a viable surface for function. If infection has entered the interior of the tooth, root canal therapy may be needed. At Preston Sherry Dental, we will always try to save a cracked tooth, but in some cases, extraction may be the only option.

Since not all cracks in teeth have symptoms that alert you to the issue, it is important to adhere to your regular dental checkup schedule. During your routine exams, the beginning of small cracks can be identified and a repair can be completed before the problem becomes more severe. If you have a cracked tooth or it is time for your regular checkup, contact Preston Sherry Dental Associates today to schedule your appointment.

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