Do you have metal or silver fillings that are visible when you talk, smile or laugh? Composite fillings are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can change the look of your smile and replace those silver spots with tooth-colored composite resin. Dental technology has improved over the decades, including making composite fillings a durable, beautiful option for dental repairs. At Preston Sherry Dental Associates, we offer composite fillings that match your natural teeth for a stunningly white smile.

Silver or metal fillings were often used in the past due to their strength. Although composite fillings have also been around for decades, they were usually reserved for anterior, or front, teeth. Composite fillings were not always recommended for teeth such as molars that must withstand extensive pressure. However, composite resin has improved for use in fillings, making it the preferred choice for those who want to have a metal-free smile.

What Is a Composite Resin?

When filling a space where a cavity was removed, or other dental repairs have been completed, composite resin is a natural-looking option compared to the traditional amalgam filling. Composite resin is a blend of ceramic, plastic and glass that creates a durable filling material that can be color-matched to your natural teeth. Some composite resins are applied in layers, using a special light to harden each layer before the next is added. The result can be a strong filling that is almost undetectable.

Many people have chosen to have their old amalgam fillings, which often contain mercury, replaced with composite fillings that are safe and look beautiful. If you have old fillings you want replaced with white fillings, or a new repair that you want to blend into your smile, contact us today to talk to the cosmetic dentists at Preston Sherry Dental Associates. We have long-lasting composite fillings to keep your smile white and beautiful for years to come.

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